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Mosaicsondemand is a place where mosaics art meets Internet technology; we are a subsidiary of, which stands for "Factory Direct to Consumers". In the tradition of FD2C, marble mosaics are delivered directly to the hands of consumers from a real marble mosaic factory and not a wholesaler warehouse. 

Marble Mosaics is a heritage of ancient art form - assembling stone chips to decorate fountains, churches and palaces. As an art form, mosaic patterns selections are only limited by imaginations of the artists thus all these creative works are custom made; nowadays we call this On Demand. FD2C recognizes the use of marble mosaic for interior design by American designers and consumers are limited by available choices of imported inventory. Even the largest, most well stocked tile shop has no more than 20 choices of marble mosaic borders. Designers and consumers often frustrate over the failure to locate suitable mosaic borders to match their imaginations and desired colour schemes. brings an end to this frustration. Crossing the chasm of technology, design and craftsmanship, we work with an experienced marble mosaic factory which has been a supplier of top US tile companies for the last ten

FD2C has a belief that Internet will eventually change the way people buy and sell, goods should be delivered directly from manufacturers to the hands of consumers without going through traditional channels. Factory direct to consumers offer more choices and savings for the consumers through reducing inventory costs. FD2C has been serving American public with goods delivered directly from Chinese factories since 2001; all our sites are Yahoo! Top service stores.